E-Bike Rental FAQ

Everything you need to know about e-bike rental in the Chilterns

Let’s face it we all need an extra helping hand now and again and an e-bike gives you that little extra help to make riding uphill a more pleasurable experience.

If you like cycling, but aren’t too keen on the upward hilly bits, you are going to love e-bikes. You can’t help cracking into a huge smile as you effortlessly go up hills, glide through that niggling head wind or smoothly traverse that bumpy track. It really is the most wonderful feeling, being at one with nature, keeping fit and experiencing a wonderful sense of wellbeing and most of all having some good old fashioned fun!

With an e-powered range of around 40 miles (depending on terrain, weight of rider and power usage), a state of the art e bike is the perfect solution to exploring the Chiltern Hills and surrounding areas.

While you still have to pedal and burn a few calories, the electric assistance makes the whole experience much more enjoyable especially on the hills and we have lots of hills in the Chilterns hence the name ‘Chilterns Hills!’

By travelling at a more sedate pace, you’ll also see more of the beautiful scenery and spot more wildlife as you discover stunning new vistas around every corner and by choosing an e bike, you will be doing your bit to keep the Chilterns a more peaceful and less busy area.

Click on the questions below to find out everything you need to know about riding electric bikes in safety and comfort.

Are e-bikes difficult to ride?

Not at all. They are a little heavier than a standard pushbike, but the extra weight is more than compensated for by the assistance of a powerful electric motor. The bikes have manual gear shifters which you should use as if you are on a regular bike, but electric assistance means you don’t need to change gear as much as you would on a standard pedal bike.

Do I have to pedal?

Yes – the motor kicks in gradually as you start to pedal and gives you gentle assistance especially up hills. It’s a bit like cycling with a tail wind wherever you go you’ll still burn some calories, but the electric motor provides the reassurance that you won’t run out of steam halfway up a hill!

Do I need a licence?

No – our bikes are restricted to maximum assisted speed of 15mph in line with UK highway law.

After that – if you want to go any faster – you’ll have to pedal much harder!

Is there a minimum age to ride an e-bike?

Yes – 14 years old, it’s the law set by the government, but the good new is there is no maximum age.

Do I need a helmet for an electric bike?

Yes- we recommend everyone wears a helmet and we can provide them free of charge as part of your hire package. Feel free to bring your own for a more customized fit.

What is the effective range?

It depends on a number of factors. How much electric assistance you use. If you dial up the assistance to max, the effective range is reduced, but if you use the power efficiently, you could comfortably cover 40 to 60 miles. Size and weight along with type of terrain are also a determining factor, but if you ride sensibly and only use the assistance when you need it you will be fine. One more thing; if you do run out of power, remember the bike still works as normal, but you’ll have to put in the hard graft up those hills.

Are the roads busy with traffic?

Some of the main roads can get quite busy at weekends and peak holiday times, but it’s so easy to get away from these routes and find quiet rural back roads, byways, dedicated cycle tracks and peaceful lanes to explore. We have created some wonderful routes for you to keep you mainly on quieter tracks and roads.

Can I ride off road?

Yes, there are some wonderful bridleways, byways and dedicated cycles routes in the Chilterns but we’d recommend against using steep downhill trails unless you really know what you are doing. Our bikes are proper e mountain bikes but like any equipment, they should be treated with respect sorry to sound like a killjoy but remember –‘You bend it, you mend it’ and we don’t want to be falling out with our lovely clients, do we? Always follow the Countryside Code and ride only on designated routes and bridleways bikes should not be used on footpaths. We can provide self guided routes to follow.

What if I get lost?

We’d recommend taking an Ordnance Survey Map with you or using your phone for navigation just make sure your phone battery is fully charged. You can use apps such as OS maps online, Google maps or route apps such as Strava. We think part of the fun is to work out your route beforehand, so it would be a good idea to have a map app downloaded. In any event, the locals are pretty friendly and will soon get you back on course if you get hopelessly lost.

What happens if I run out of charge or have technical issues?

We’ll give you tips on how to make the most of your battery and we would recommend you start heading back to the rental shop once you hit 50% charge. Our e bikes are still ridable on an empty battery and we do offer a recovery service in the event of a genuine emergency. For complete peace of mind. You can also hire an extra battery for £20 a session for each bike.

What if I get a puncture?

Punctures are relatively rare as we use premium grade tyres and tubes, but all rental bikes are supplied with an emergency repair kit and pump, which means you should be able to get back on track with your trip without too much drama.

Are there any guided bike rides?

We have a selection of self guided routes which we can supply as paper maps or downloadable routes to use on your smartphone. We can also arrange a knowledgeable local guide for family or group rides for a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 in a group. Call us direct to discuss your
specific needs.

What happens if it’s raining?

Errrr…….. we live in Britain; we get on with it! But seriously, we recommend you bring along some waterproofs if the weather turns a little wet!

How much does it cost?

We have a wide range of hiring options to suit your needs along with some optional extras such as spare batteries, extra insurance and locks please CLICK HERE to see our prices.

Is there a deposit to pay?

No – but by signing our Terms and conditions you agree that you are responsible for all equipment hired and agree to be invoiced and pay for any loss or damaged to any of the hire equipment hired. We ask for a current government issued ID and proof of address as part of the secuirty process.

Am I insured?

Yes and no! We have business insurance for public and employee liability but the bikes themselves are not insured. This means you will be responsible to cover the costs for any loss or damage incurred whilst the bikes are in your possession. We recommend you CLICK HERE for our full terms and conditions of hire. For peace of mind we do offer extra insurance cover at a cost of £10 per bike per day, but this comes with an excess of £250 for each bike.

How do I book?
  1. Select the number of bikes required
  2. Check date availability in calendar
  3. Choose your time slot
  4.  Select optional products if required
  5. Complete height of each rider
  6. Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  7.  Click on Book now and check out securely
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